VICTORIA v2017-Thunder Tiger



The Victoria R/C Sailing Yacht allows you to enjoy the simply pleasure of sailing on gentle summer breezes on a sunny afternoon....or the intensity of racing in the America's Cup. Ideal for the first-time skipper or beginning R/C enthusiast, the Victoria is a highly prefabricated, easy-to-assemble kit with detailed instruction manual. Recognized by the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA) as a racing class, Thunder Tiger's Victoria has become synonymous with maximum yachting pleasure.


Highly prefabricated with a blow-molded ABS hull/deck, sails, mast, deck fittings and rigging hardware.

The realistic sail and rigging details combine to result in a model that you will be proud to own.

The impressive Victoria stands over 4ft. tall, making it ideal for sailing or display your yacht proudly in home or office.

High performance Plus Tear Resist Racing Sails.

Length 779mm (30.7")
Mast Height 1086mm (42.8")
Sail Area 28.6dm^2 (433
Beam 197mm (7.7")
Weight 2.1Kg (4.6 lbs)
Radio 2 ch req'd
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