BUSHMASTER ARR(Almost Ready to Run)-Thunder Tiger

BUSHMASTER ARR(Almost Ready to Run)


Inspired from a real buggy design, the BUSHMASTER desert buggy is loaded with high-strength aluminum shock towers to ensure maximum performance on any buggy track. As well, the Top-Flip body design makes maintenance easy. The Opened-hood shell offers a realistic look and convenient when maintaining the interior electronics and battery mounting.

《ARR Kit Contents》

  • Factory assembled chassis
  • Pre-cut body
  • Finished Vehicle Cockpit with Electroplated Helmet
  • Reinforced 2.5mm Carbon Fiber Rear Arm Plate
  • Flip Body for Easy Maintenance
  • Adjustable Steering Rack
  • 16mm Oil Filled Shock with Rubber Boot
  • Rear Mud Guard
  • Waterproof Servo



To securely fit a pair of batteries, the BUSHMASTER uses a durable, adjustable battery tray fitted with a pair of secure hook-and-loop straps which prevents the battery to flip out while racing in high-speed conditions.

16mm Oil Filled Big Bore Shocks

Four Big Bore shocks are the perfect fit for the BUSHMASTER capable suspension. Each offers precise ride height adjustment during steering.

Carbon Plate of Reinforced Suspension Design

The BUSHMASTER uses carbon plates on its rear side and reinforces the suspension, making it more durable and maintain traction while drifting.

Aerodynamic Spoilers

These spoilers combines everything that serious buggy racers are looking for : performance, style and durability. The aerodynamic force exertion enhances the overall stability, giving the driver better control.

Roll Cage

The BUSHMASTER’s top is designed to use protective roll cage to prevent the scale driver from getting damaged and makes the model more realistic.

Scale Driver

In addition to being more realistic, the BUSHMASTER’s interior design and the driver is also part of the scale details design.

REQUIRED ITEMS (not included)


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