KAISER eMTA Monster Truck-Thunder Tiger

KAISER eMTA Monster Truck


Kaiser is a new member to the e-MTA family. Comes with a realistic body, aluminum shocks and shock towers, the Kaiser stands out from the rest of the 1:8 monster trucks. Equipped with an engine sound system, chrome plated wheels & helmet, Kaiser is the king of design and performance.


Brushless Power System

KAISER inherit the basic motor structure from MTA-4, IBL40/20 brushless motor is mounted on rear site with 6S lithium polymer which can speed up to 100 km/h.

Inner Hexagon Cell Construction(IHCC)

The chassis' honeycomb bracing adds rigidity and strength without dumping on a ton of weight.

One Piece Battery Compartment

Unique one piece battery compartment is easy for battery installation at once. KAISER can take maximum 6S Li-Po (two 3-cells pack). Its unique quick release cover makes battery changing an easy job without using any R-clips.

R-Pin with Rubber Gasket

Different from other body clips, it prevents the car from scratching when you’re trying to put R-pin out. Also, this kind of protection helps the shell of the car and makes it sturdy, making it hard to break despite drastic tumbling.

Scale Driver

Adding to the realism, the KAISER interior design and driver is also part of scale details design.

Plated Rim

In order to improve any slippage problems, the rims of KAISER have been upgraded to plated rims, reinforcing the junction between hub and rim.

Roll Cage

The compartment offers protective roll cage to protect the scale driver and makes the model more realistic.

Metal Shocks and Towers

The metal shocks and towers strengthen the gravity endurance while jumping and backflipping. Makes your KAISER structure more durable and sturdy.


The design of light bar offers your vehicle cool scale looks and each light bucket can be upgraded to the LED set.

Wheel Base(mm) 370 mm
Weight(g) 6,022 g
Length(mm) 627 mm
Width(mm) 454 mm
Height(mm) 333 mm
Motor IBL40/20 2000KV
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