Motor Yacht Atlantic-Thunder Tiger

The Atlantic is a sure bet for boaters who want champagne quality for a beer-and-burger price.
This RTR has more to offer than 2.4GHz control and brushless power. It also comes with a real wood deck, a folding rudder and superior scale detail.
What's more, modelers can use an optional hatch (sold separately) to turn the Atlantic into their very own fishing yacht!

Real wood deck with laser-cut panel lines
Blow-molded ridged hull
The rudder folds upon impact to prevent damage
Pre-installed trim tabs keep the boat stable and on step
Quick-remove cockpit with instrument panel
Perfect blend of scale looks and performance, with 21+ mph runs
Completely assembled, and equipped with an Ace 2.4GHz radio - just add your battery and start boating

Powered by a water-cooled brushless outrunner motor and 40A ESC

Wooden display stand is included

Length(mm / in.) (744.2mm/29.3” )
Height(mm / in.) (249mm/9.8” )
Beam(mm / in.) (211mm/8.3” )
Weight(g / oz.) (1360g/3 lb)
Motor Water-cooled OBL29/19-15M included
Radio COUGAR GP2 2.4GHz included
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