ASB Products Inc. (Vanquish Products) has granted Thunder Tiger Corp. exclusive distributorship of Vanquish products within Taiwan

Thunder Tiger Corp. has announced the cooperation with renowned RC Car Option Aftermarket /Upgrade parts manufacturer, Vanquish (ASB Products Inc.). ASB Products Inc. has granted Thunder Tiger Corp. exclusive distributorship of Vanquish Products within Taiwan.

Vanquish is a fast growing, respected up-and-coming brand amongst RC Car enthusiast community. Vanquish aspires to take market leading product, engineer/design it to improve performance and experience.Vanquish is renowned in its reputation for working with licensed partners and producing high quality metal modification parts, particularly for Scaler Crawlers market segment. All products are made in USA, ensuring its meticulous design and workmanship.

Thunder Tiger is certainly looking forward to a great long term partnership of representing Vanquish product range in the Taiwan Market and beyond.

Following the signing of exclusive distributorship of Axial products in Taiwan in March of 2017 and sole distributor of HPI products (Hobby Products International Racing Ltd) in Taiwan in June of 2017, Thunder Tiger Corp seeks to continue the trend of providing the best products for the RC industry in Taiwan, supplying more for RC enthusiasts.