Thunder Tiger cooperates with Graupner on Western Europe

On January 5, 2017, in front of the Thunder Tiger booth of CES show, William Chen , Chairman of Thunder Tiger, shook hands with Hannes Runknagel , CEO of Graupner/SJ GmbH of Germany to exchange contracts in the ceremony. Both sides have signed and decided to work together in Western Europe starting January 1, 2017. It symbolizes that the two companies will provide the best RC products and services to consumers in Europe.

Graupner , founded in 1930, is the largest RC products distributor in Europe. Thunder Tiger , founded in 1979, is the most famous and versatile RC products company in the world. In recent years, Thunder Tiger has used artificial intelligence and robotic technology on all its products creating a whole new market and demand. These products will all be demonstrated in Thunder Tiger booth at CES show in 2017. For details, please visit Thunder Tiger official websites at and

Attached below is the announcement letter for the cooperation between Thunder Tiger and Graupner.